Lachlan, 18, Male, New Zealand.

I don't really understand why any of this is happening
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fuck going out I’m gonna go hug a pillow and sleep

I’m drunk and literally all I want right now is to walk to my bedroom and find a cute boy in my bed to fall asleep with 


New York-based artist Kim Keever photographs colorful liquids blending together into captivating, abstract forms.


I’m so fucking tired of seeing shit like this on my news feed.

"Ohh white girls are for sure better than any other race of women because now they have traits heavily associated with black women".

This fuckboy and ashydick-ness needs to stop.

what do we think about this bowtie?


gym class


Anonymous asked: ur gay?

mmhmm :)

Anonymous asked: You are beautiful

thank uwu


i’m the last one

Anonymous asked: You're beautiful! ((:

thank you :* so are you

Anonymous asked: Holy fuck you're so hot I can't deal

stay hydrated and you can deal with anything uwu