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I don't really understand why any of this is happening
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im soooo done

you need to tell yourself honey… is he really cute? or is he just a white with a visible jawline?


#131 LaprasLapras have gentle hearts. Because they rarely fight, many have been caught, and have been overhunted almost to extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain. Lapras’ high intelligence enables it to understand human speech and enjoys ferrying people on its back. 

Anonymous asked: you look like my ex. so every time I see you on my dash, it breaks my heart a bit

I’m sorry that you get those feelings :/

Anonymous asked: Hi, how are you today? :)

pretty good thanks! they dissected a deer heart in my lab this morning which was sorta cool 

The axe forgets; the tree remembers.
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